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It is iStor's policy to never identify or reveal information about any of our customers,

for any reason, without their permission

Customers using iStor for offsite backup and recovery range from small companies to multinational corporations in various industries including transportation, healthcare, financial services, insurance, legal, business services and more, as well as governments and non-profit organizations.

But regardless of the size or industry type, all iStor users have one thing in common, they are all aware how valuable the information they possess is and how important it is to secure it. That's why they choose iStor.

No protection is 100% and anybody saying differently is lying, but at iStor we strive to get as close to perfection as possible by using not just the latest technology but also strict procedures to make sure your data is secure and available, when you need it.

Part of the procedure is also not letting others know what kind of solutions you are using to protect your assets. For some organizations, the use of our technology may itself be confidential. Accordingly, it is iStor's policy to never identify or reveal information about any of our customers for any reason without their permission.

Although we would be more than proud to name all our respected customers, we are committed to confidentiality and can only name those that have allowed us to.

Please contact us for case studies and references in various industries.

It is quite possible that you are driving a car whose parts have been developed and manufactured in a company secured by iStor … or if you flew with an airplane lately, it is possible that it was produced by a company who trust iStor to secure their data … and also it is possible that your finances are handled by another iStor customer.

We could go on and on and but instead we are inviting you to try our solutions and find out in the best possible way, why so many are turning to iStor when it comes to security, confidentiality and reliability.

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