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Don't let your business become just another statistic.

Secure off-site backup & recovery

We strive to deliver a better, simpler, more reliable and more secure solutions to our customers and partners.

The iStor platform incorporates and utilizes the sophisticated, state of the art technology necessary to implement a scalable architecture while providing a powerful, robust and secure solution.

We develop our products bearing in mind a statement of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Performance & Scalability

All of the main technologies included in iStor were designed and built by iStor from scratch, optimized for performance and scalability, and with particular attention to the security. iStor architecture is also future proof, allowing new technologies to be added easily.

Data de-duplication

Data de-duplication As data volume continues to grow at exponential rates, companies of all sizes are facing the challenge of managing and protecting this data.

iStor global multi-level data de-duplication significantly reduces backup window, network bandwidth utilization and storage needed to retain and protect enterprise data.

iStor Data de-duplication identifies and eliminates redundant data at the source level and across the entire organization - including remote offices and mobile users.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced backup window
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced network bandwidth utilization
  • Faster recovery

Remote office backup

In today's highly distributed business world, companies are operating more remote/branch offices (ROBO) and hiring more remote employees than ever before.

Data in remote/branch offices requires the same type of protection, security and availability as data residing within the data centre, and is subject to the same compliance requirements.

And that's not so simple without tools designed specifically for remote offices and remote employees.

iStor dramatically reduces the risks, costs and operational failures associated with protecting and recovering data at your remote/branch offices.

Whether you choose to perform backups at the remote site for local restore or over a WAN for distributed protection, iStor provides multiple advanced features, including centralized management, global source-based de-duplications, encryption and bandwidth throttling.

Mobile users backup

Mobile users backup When searching for data backup solutions, people often overlook notebooks and other mobile devices. Secure backup isn't just for big corporate servers… On the contrary, most top executives and highly skilled professionals are storing more and more data on their notebooks, risking major losses in time and information if their notebooks are stolen or the hardware fails.

iStor continuously and automatically protects data on notebook and other mobile devices. With data de-duplication and highly effective compression, there's no performance impact on the end users or the network.

Backup administration can be performed centrally by IT staff or locally by the end user.

Gartner states that on average, a notebook is stolen every 53 seconds!

According to Ponemon Institute 2009 research, The average cost of a business's lost notebook is $49,246.


A high level of data security is a key element in our backup service.

Before any data is transmitted, it is encrypted using industry-leading data encryption technology and remains encrypted while in storage and at rest.

Only the customer has the encryption key and all processes are logged, providing a clear view of the chain of custody.

If the encryption key is lost, there is no mechanism or facility allowing the recovery of encrypted data. To prevent such a situation we recommend a third party Encryption Key Escrow Service.

Secure communication (SSL) provides additional security on top of the data encryption during all communication and data transmission.

Data is one of a company's most valuable assets and encrypted backup provides an important layer of protection.

Central administration

Central administration Remove the need for local admin staff to do backups at remote sites.

Manage all your backup administration from one central location. Restore any data from any backup to where ever it's needed in the business.

Immediate off-site storage

Data is compressed and encrypted, then immediately transferred to 3 geographically dispersed secure data centres or to your off-site/DR location.

No human intervention is required to get the information to a safe location. This ensures that all of your data is protected and recoverable, whether to an existing location or to a disaster recovery facility.

Supported Applications & Systems

iStor is continuously developing support for new applications, databases and platforms. We not only support major applications but also many others, localized or industry-specific. iStor works closely with software developers in order to provide optimized and reliable backup solutions tailored to a specific industry, application and customer.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SyBase
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft DPM integration
  • Local specific application support
  • Custom scripts executing before/after the scheduled backup job
  • ... and much more.

If you have a specific application that needs to be protected or if you are a software developer, please contact us for detailed information.

You only pay for the storage you use (compressed & deduplicated).

Backup an unlimited number of servers, desktops and notebooks.| No additional charge per computer or user, backup as many as you need.| No additional charge for databases or special applications backup.|No additional bandwidth charges.

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